Jelt – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Jelt is a company that commercializes cleaning products for informatics and as such it makes part of the American multinational ITW. The history of the controlling company goes back to 1912, which has led to a great expertise within the office.

The controlling company ITW Spraytec is specialized in industrial systems and in materials and products of high technical quality. ITW employs more than 60.000 people in 52 countries in five continents. Jelt is a section of ITW Spraytec and is specialized in maintenance and cleaning of office equipments and informatics.

The Jelt Boostair spray is a powerful dust remover for the computer: it removes dust from all computer hardware and office devices. The concept of this spray guarantees a quick and complete removal of dust in all places, even in those corners which are hard to reach (such as the inside of a PC or a server).

The Jelt Plasma Net has been developed to safely clean flat screens, plasma televisions or monitors and other LCD-displays. This spray removes dust and grease stains from your screen without scratches and without harming the reflection layer of your screen. It is being used in an optimal way in combination with a non flushing dry sheet.

The Jelt E-Net vapo ensures a thorough cleaning of sensitive surfaces, such as LCD screens. The E-Net Vapo prevents moreover the accumulation of dust on your screen.

The Jelt Clavier Net cleanses the keyboard of your computer, telephone or printer. This spray removes safely all dust and dirt of all plastic or metal surfaces and leaves behind a protective antistatic film. The cleansing material is environmental friendly and completely biologically degradable.

The Jelt Dry Gas remover of dust is being used to remove dust of all computer and office devices. By using dry gas a great power is being developed and this enables the removal of dust on places which are hard to reach. Besides, this dust remover is very environmental friendly.

The Jelt Visunet cloths and foam spray remove all dirt and fingerprints on plastic surfaces, such as glass or lacquered metal.

The Jelt Tablonet cleansing material for whiteboards removes all traces of ink on your whiteboard. The foam attaches itself very well on all surfaces, even vertically. This cleansing product doesn’t leave any traces and can best be removed with a dry dust free cloth.

The Jelt E-Net humid cleansing cloths clean delicate surfaces (such as computer screens) very quickly and efficiently.

The Jelt Buroclean is an antistatic cleansing product on basis of foam. This product cleanses the very dirty surfaces and can even remove traces of glue and labels on a plastic or metal surface.

The Jelt-products are of course also present in the assortment of JM Bruneau. The experts of our company can furthermore give you more tips on cleansing techniques. Please do not hesitate to contact us.