Jalema – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Jalema is a family business that has outgrown into one of the largest manufacturers of professional archiving systems in Europe since its foundation in 1947. The headquarters are located in Reuver in the Netherlands, where the production is also located. Besides there are subsidiary companies in Brussels, the French Briey and the American Elkridge. The ISO 9001 certified company has about 150 people employed.

In the Netherlands and in Belgium Jalema furnishes office supplies to the office retailers, principally in the domain of archiving, storing and presentation. Jalema produces most of its products itself and selects the rest of the products with carefully chosen suppliers. There is a large assortment of products available for the business-to-business segment.

Let’s first mention the folder of reports Jalema, which makes the personalization of reports possible. This useful folder of reports in durable plastic has a transparent cover page in which an A4 sheet fits, which gives the report a personal touch. The back page has an insert pocket for a few loose documents. The folder of reports is provided with the flexible black Jalema clip, which facilitates the inserting of pages.

The Jalema clips are also included in the catalogue. Those clips make it possible to quickly add documents and to take them out of the Secolor Clipmap. This way it will be possible to browse through those documents as in a book. p>The municipality-archive box of Jalema is very solid and made of heavy double-sided pasted kraft board (850 gram). Even after a repeated usage the creasing lines won’t break and the stored information remains absolutely free of dust. The metal nipples and etiquettes will always be furnished along. The pH value of the cardboard is neutral, which will protect your old archive from the infiltration of acids in an optimal way.

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