JM Bruneau and WWFEcology

Approximately 10 years ago, WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature, formerly called World Wildlife Fund) started product-partnerships with companies that show openly an interest for reducing maximally the negative influence of their products on the environment. JM Bruneau belongs also to this group.[/b]

What is the exact impact of a similar product-partnership?

  • The progressive reflection in function of the environment: a particular product needs to respect first of all a number of ecologic criteria, determined by the experts of WWF. The company is also obliged to take initiatives in order to improve continuously the ecologic concept of its product. In this way, it can take the position of an innovative and environment-friendly company in its segment.
  • The diffusion of the ideas of WWF: although the ecologic characteristics of the product are the main concern of this partnership, a lot of attention goes also out to the packaging method and the point-of-sale display, the challenges for the protection of the environment, the ecologic measures and the actions of WWF.
  • The financial engagement: for every sold item, a part of the price is being transferred to the bank account of WWF, in order to support its actions and campaigns for the protection of the environment.