Is a sit-stand chair something for your company?

Would you like to prevent back problems for employees who work standing up? Then sit-stand chairs are the optimal solution. With this type of chair your staff can half-sit, half-stand.

Benefits of a sit-stand chair

An ergonomic sit-stand chair has the following benefits for employees who work standing up:

  • Great freedom of movement
  • Dynamic sitting position
  • Takes weight off the lower back and legs

In short, the sit-stand chair protects the body during standing activities. That means extra comfort for your staff, but it is also ideal for your company because it increases productivity in the long term.

For what activities is a sit-stand chair suitable?

  • In office environments: behind the counter, at reception etc.
  • Working on conveyor belts in factories
  • Working with an upright drill
  • Operating lathes and shop benches
  • Numerous activities in chemical and pharmaceutical companies

How to choose a good sit-stand chair?

At JM Bruneau you can find many high-quality sit-stand chairs: