How to share large files with coworkers?

You have probably experienced it: you’ve just finished a presentation that took ages to complete and you want to share it with a coworker so that he or she can make the final adjustments. But how do you get it to your coworker if the file is too large to send as an e-mail attachment? We offer some practical tips.

Offline options: DVD’s, CD’s, USB-sticks or external hard drives

You can use a dvd, cd or usb-stick. But there are also other options such as using an external hard drive. In the article “Buy the right external hard drive”, you can read which one is most suited to your needs. (link naar artikel ‘Koop de juiste externe harde schijf”) Or you can reuse a hard disk from a computer that is no longer in use. It’s fairly easy to simply remove it and put it in a special box that makes your information easily accessible. These are available in computer supply shops.

Online options: various web applications

Would you rather not have to deal with sticks, CD’s or hard drives? Then you can also share the files with your coworker over the Internet. These days, there are quite a few applications on the market. Most of these services are easy to use. A few examples:

  • Dropbox: user-friendly program with a free account and 2 GB at no cost. Up to 100 GB available for a fee. You can decide who has access to your files and can instantly view any changes made.
  • YouSendIt: send files up to 100 MB for free. You enter the e-mail address for the recipient on the website and select the file from your computer or network. The recipient then receives an e-mail containing the hyperlink to the file and has seven days in which to download it.
  • DropSend: send files up to 2 GB for free. Just as with YouSendIt you don’t need to install any software. It works in the same way.
  • File Savr: fast and easy hosting service for uploading up to 10 GB for free. Once you have uploaded the file, you can send the link to your coworker for downloading. The files are never deleted.
  • RapidShare: similar to File Savr, the largest of its kind. Fast, with the advantage of extra support, but it is only free up to 500 MB.
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