How to organize an environmentally friendly conference?Ecology

Creating a durable event, that’s anticipating all negative consequences of your choices, and thinking up new solutions to avoid those. A few lines of thought.

First of all, what’s an environmentally friendly conference? That’s an event that’s created and managed with the purpose of minimizing all negative consequences for the environment, humanity and the economy.

These are a few rules to organize an environmentally friendly conference:

1. Choosing a location that limits transport as much as possible, taking into account the accessibility and the proximity of public transportation. Try to limit the transport of the participants as much as possible. It is also recommended to inquire about the policy of the location concerning sustainable development: respect for the environment, buying policy, partners,…

2. Using an online tool for the invitation promotes the dematerialization of the information (the registration for the event, logistics, room reservations,…)

3. Choosing the means of communication : recyclable and reusable badges and signage

4. Facilitating transfers by informing the participants about the possible public transportation, a carpooling system, …

5. Working with providers that have an ecologically justified offer around the three pillars of sustainable development: the social part, the economy and the environment. For example: choosing reusable furniture, a cocktail made of local ingredients, entertainment which respects nature,…

6. Thinking beforehand about managing and sorting waste that’s created by the conference (your providers will surely be able to propose different solutions)

7. Choosing useful business gifts, of good quality and made of natural materials.

A good hint: pay attention to existing norms and labels in the field of ecology: ISO 20121, Clé Verte, Ecolabel, Green Globe, Ecocert, AB, Prestadd, Energy Star, FSC