How to choose convenient suspension files?Bruneau

It often happens that people choose the wrong suspension files. The information underneath can help you in making the right choice. Suspension files exist in carton, paper and polypropylene (plastic). While carton and paper files are easy to write on, this is more difficult on plastic files. There are suspension files for either drawers or cupboards. There are even files for plastic rails, tanks or cases (suited for suspension files).

The most important difference is in the application: suspension files for drawers or cupboards?

The label holder on suspension files for cupboards is on the side. This allows you to open the cupboard and see immediately what is on the label. For drawers, the label is on top of the file. There are also differences in these label holders: there are flat ones or labels with pocket lens effect. (readable from different angles). The most simplified suspension files do not have a label holder; on the other hand they are easy to write on.

Important to know: what is meant by the axle spacing?

Suspension files are always provided by hooks (in plastic or metal) at both ends. If you wish to know the axle spacing of your drawer or cupboard, you need to measure the distance between the two edges of the drawer (inside) or the depth of your cupboard. The axle spacing of suspension files is the distance between the middle of the two gaps (so do not measure the outside of the hooks or the file itself). Most cupboards and drawers have an axle spacing of 33 cm, which is the standard measurement. There are also files with a spacing of 36, 5 cm (size folio) or 39 cm.

To keep together easily a suspension file with documents, most files are provided with a push button system. The bottom of the files can be of importance, depending on the amount of documents you want to stash by file. Standard suspension files have a V-bottom. There are however also files with a bottom of 15mm until 80mm. The information above can help you in ordering the most convenient suspension files.