How to choose a suitable stamp and what are the optionsBruneau

In contrast to what many people think and despite the digitalized era in which we live, stamps are still used and asked for frequently. This product[/url] is for example very useful for warehouse men, drivers or people that send faxes regularly. Our company Bruneau delivers mainly Trodat stamps, the number one worldwide reference for stamp products.

Stamp types

  • Pre-inked stamps: the liquid absorbing material is impregnated with stamp ink and allows making thousands of imprints.
  • Automatic stamps: this product refills itself with ink after every imprint with the integrated stamp cassette.
  • Stamp cushion: the stamp has to be filled with ink by using an inking pad and this before the imprint.

What is important in choosing a suitable stamp?

  • Do I want to put a text on the stamp?
  • Which ink colour do I need?
  • Which colour do I want for the cover?
  • What size do I need for my text?

It is very important to check the sizes available in our catalogue and on our website. After making a choice, you can draw the frame in the suitable size for the text. Please also mention if you wish to have the frame printed or not on the stamp.

  • Do I wish to add a logo or signature to my stamp?

Please send signatures in threefold by post. Logos can be sent by email in size bmp, tif or pdf of minimum 600 dpi.

  • How do I order stamps?

By email: perso@jm-bruneau.be, by fax 09/2417293 or by post: JM BRUNEAU NV, Kortrijksesteenweg 410, 9000 GENT

  • What are the delivery terms?

For standards stamps delivery time is 7 working days, for pre inked stamps 10 working days.

The most common stamps

1. Stamps to personalize

This stamp is available in different sizes for texts of 1 up to 12 lines.

This stamp consists of 1 set of 264 characters of 4mm. and 1 set of 328 characters, 1 ink cassette and 1 tweezers. This product is available in 2 versions: 4 lines, size 47 x 18mm. or 5 lines, size 58 x 22 mm.

With a metallic frame and plastic cover, automatic inking. There is also a window for the text which is available in black or two-coloured (text in bleu, date in red). The date can be adjusted with the wheels. This stamp is available in 4 sizes.

Stamp without inking pad, can make up to 50 000 quality proper imprints. There are different sizes and ink colours available (black, red and bleu). There is an additional amount for tables, signatures or logos.

These are available in different looks (plastic frame in grey, orange, green, bleu or red). This product has a rubber stamp pad and a non skid system. The text is visible through a window. The stamp is suitable for texts up to 10 lines. There is an additional amount for tables, signatures or logos. The ink is available in black, red or bleu.

These are comparable to the self inking stamps but they are suitable for texts only up to 8 lines and the ink is only available in black. You can also add a logo, table or signature provided that you pay the additional amount.

2. Standard stamps

Available formula: Copy, Registered, Original, Confidential, Prior, Reminder

The formula is put left next to the date. Ink is available in black or red. The formula are: Faxed, Information, Valid until, Summoned, Answered, Send, Received, Booked, Ordered, Paid by bank, Paid by Giro transfer, Paid by cash register.