How do I install a wireless printer?Tips for purchases

At JM Bruneau we are often asked how wireless printers need to be installed.

They are often used in the office or sometimes in your own workplace. Of course it is very practical when several computers can be connected wirelessly to the same printer, so it can be shared by everyone in the office. We will present you here a roadmap for the installation of a printer, in order to respond to the following question:

How should a wireless printer be installed?

Roadmap for installing the printer

1. Connect the printer

First, you need to pick a practical spot for the printer. Check if there is any power supply and try to hide the cable in a strategic manner. In order to connect the printer to the network, it is important to link it with a network cable. If you dispose of a Wi-Fi printer, you can skip this step. The printer must always have access to the network, by connecting it to the modem, hub, Time Capsule or another network service.

2. Install drivers for your printer

Each printer needs a driver, in order to function perfectly. This driver serves as a supervisory program and can be found in general on the included CD-ROM. Currently, you can almost always find in the manual of the printer a website from which you can download a driver. The famous brands, e.g. Canon, HP and Samsung, have dedicated a part of their website to an overview of all the drivers. Did you lose your installation CD-ROM and are you looking for drivers for your printer? If so, you can find them easily online.

3. Connect the printer to the network

In order to connect a wireless printer to the network, you need to click on “start”, on the lower left of the screen (this applies to Windows 7). Next, select “devices and printers” and opt for “add a printer”. Here, you will have the possibility to “add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”. Indicate in the list of “available printers” the one you want to use and go to “next”. Complete the additional steps in the wizard, until you see “finish”.

4. Print the test page

You need to print a test page, in order to check the printer settings. Select “devices and printers” via “start”. Indicate the correct printer with the right mouse button and go for “ printer properties”. On the “general” tab, you can finish by clicking on “print test page”.

Now you know how a wireless printer needs to be installed. If you still have questions concerning the printers of JM Bruneau, you can always contact one of the experts of Bruneau. They will be pleased to answer your questions about the installation or the functioning of a printer.