How can you identify counterfeit Euro notes?Bruneau

Counterfeit Euro notes can be a real headache for traders, and for companies in which much cash circulates. We regularly hear in the press about counterfeit 20, 50, or 100 Euro notes being discovered. With a detector of counterfeit Euro notes you can save yourself a great deal of unnecessary worry.

In theory, counterfeit Euro notes are relatively easy to recognise by sight alone. But companies and traders want to be absolutely sure. For this reason, investment in a detector to identify counterfeit Euro notes is a lucrative one.

Specifically, different identifying characteristics are embedded in Euro notes that make it possible to differentiate real and counterfeit notes from one another. When you hold real Euro notes to the light, the watermark, the security thread and the transparent figure are clearly visible. It is possible to detect these markings on both sides of the note. But it is not just by looking that it is possible to differentiate between real and counterfeit Euro notes. Counterfeit Euro notes also namely feel different from real ones.

The identifying marks are different for all Euro notes. In 5, 10, and 20 Euro notes, the watermark and the security thread as well as the hologram and the iridescent band are also excellent identifying marks. For notes of a higher value, the identifying features are not just the watermark and the security thread, but the stamp-shaped foil with hologram and the optically variable ink characteristics that differentiate the real notes from counterfeits.

JM Bruneau offers its customers three helpful devices for checking for counterfeit money. These are a pen, an automatic counterfeit money detector and a counterfeit money detector with fluorescent and UV lamp. These three devices can really help you simplify the identification process of counterfeit Euro notes.

A pen for checking money is a handy solution in cases of doubt. This pen works with all Euro notes in circulation. The proprietor can check the authenticity of the note immediately by making a mark with the pen on the light part of the note. If it goes dark, the bank note is counterfeit. If it does not go dark, it is authentic.

The automatic counterfeit money detector uses a highly reliable checking function, more specifically detection of the most important security codes. This detector can be used for fast and reliable checking of Euro notes. It detects via an infrared light, magnetic characteristics and identification of the metal thread. The note can be inserted any way round. The indication of the total number of authentic notes and the total sum appears on a digital screen.

The counterfeit money detector with lamps detects not just counterfeit notes, but also fake bank cards, luncheon vouchers, travellers’ cheques, etc. One important feature is that it operates immediately. Its identifying features are the wide surface for viewing the whole note, the double lighting (fluorescent lamp and strong UV lamp supplied).

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