Help, how can I quickly find a babysitter for my sick child?

It has probably happened to you too… Just when there is a very important meeting scheduled at work, your son or daughter turns out to be sick. It’s a question of quickly finding a good solution so that you can have peace of mind about leaving your sick child at home without having to miss your important meeting. A few useful tips!

Arrange a babysitter at work

Some large companies have their own babysitting service for sick children. Employees are entitled to use the service for a maximum number of days per year. If you are lucky enough to have this option, then your problem is quickly solved…

Check with your regular daycare

In some cases, your child can still attend regular daycare even if he or she is sick. It all depends on how high the fever is and what the rules are in your particular daycare. It’s worth checking before you start looking for a different solution…

Ask a family member for help

Are you lucky enough to have a grandmother, grandfather, godfather or godmother living nearby? Then they may be able to help you out. That would be an attractive solution because of course they know your child well and your child would probably enjoy being with them.

Use the babysitting service for sick children provided by your mutual health insurance service

Some mutual health insurance services have their own babysitting service for sick children. That is the case for the CM, the Liberale Mutualiteit, the Neutraal Ziekenfonds, the Onafhankelijk Ziekenfonds and the Socialistische Mutualiteit. You’re entitled to use the service for a certain number of days per year, and it is usually provided free or at a low hourly rate. Rest assured that the caregivers are specially trained and usually come to your home. It’s convenient for you and more comfortable for your child to be able to be in their own familiar home environment when they’re sick. It’s a good idea to find out about the service from your mutual health insurance provider in advance!

Try your regular babysitter

Have the above options been unsuccessful? Then perhaps you can give your regular babysitter a call? Who knows, maybe they happen to have a free day and would be happy to help you out. If you’re looking for a babysitter for the evening or weekends, you can always contact the Gezinsbond.

Still no luck?

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