‘Green Hosting’? Also at JM Bruneau!Ecology

In order to respect the requirements of an eco friendly management, JM Bruneau participates actively in the so called ‘Green Hosting’-experience. As follows, we will explain you briefly what this exactly means.

‘Hosting’ refers to the publication of a website on the world-wide web. To make this possible, the website needs to be put on a big web server. This web server can be compared with a large computer that is continuously activated and connected to the internet (i.e.24/7). Unfortunately, there is no doubt that this process needs a lot power that is not often generated in an eco friendly way. ‘Green Hosting’ guarantees you that the used power originates from renewable sources. The company JM Bruneau participates in “Green Hosting” with all its websites: www.jm-bruneau.be, www.bruneautech.com and www.bruneauperso.com.

JM Bruneau is able to do this with the help of the company Openminds, who is responsible for this type of hosting in the area of the city Ghent, the main town of JM Bruneau Belgium. Openminds has on the other hand also a larger goal. They provide not only green power (which is generated out of renewable sources), but they also assure that the construction of the server, which publishes a lot of projects online, happens on an eco friendly method. One way to do is, is to look for durable devices.

For more information: openminds.be

As you can see, JM Bruneau is doing its best on every level to build a better and eco friendly world.