Five tips for less office waste

Sustainability has become an established standard, at the office too. Many companies are now working in an environmentally friendly way and this trend will continue in the years to come. Generating less waste is one of the points for action. So you will need to keep a good eye on what goes into your waste container.

These five tips will help you keep the mountain of waste under control:

  • Sort waste into different containers. Regularly check whether any waste can be reused. For example, using unsuccessful copies as writing paper.
  • Purchase office materials in large-quantity packaging to avoid excess packaging materials.
  • Use rechargeable batteries for all of your electronic devices.
  • Only print out documents that you truly need to have on paper. Print and copy on both sides, preferably on recycled paper.
  • Bring defective electronic devices to the recycling centre.

Smart waste management

Preventing and reusing waste is what it’s all about. Nevertheless, there will always be waste. But good waste management will allow you to keep your office’s ecological footprint as small as possible. That’s why you need waste containers. At JM Bruneau you can choose waste containers that are appropriate for your company. For example, we offer the 60-liter residual waste container. You can choose from two different shapes and four lids. These waste bins are attractive and fit perfectly in small spaces. Since they are extremely strong, they can be used both in the office and the workshop. Made of high-density polyethylene, they can also handle perishable waste. In order to make sorting easy, JM Bruneau offers gray containers with coloured lids:

  • gray for residual waste,
  • yellow for PMD,
  • green for glass.

Do you want to collect waste at a single location? That’s possible with an 87-liter bin or container for residual waste. Here again, the finishing is solid and attractive. Do you want to start working more sustainably today? Ask for professional advice from JM Bruneau.