Five tips for less consumption at the office!Ecology

Good habits must be learned or reminded again. Here are some tips that will help you to consume less in your company…

Lower the temperature of your heater

It is better to put on warm clothes on colder days. Don’t forget to turn back the thermostat to the lowest position at night, either. You can also lower the heater with one degree by day, in order to save a lot of energy during wintertime!

Use a mug in stead of a plastic cup

You should better buy a mug for coffee or tea, in order to avoid an excess use of plastic cups.

Switch off all your devices at the end of the day

When the work day is at its end, you should switch off all your devices: computer, printer, computer screen, … It is even recommended to unplug them all. In this way, you can avoid unnecessary waste of energy. Another advice is to turn off the lights when you leave the office (and you are the last one there). After all, the illuminiation in your office is one of the most energy consuming installations.

Avoid needless prints !

Nowadays, everyone has the habit to print automatically all kind of documents, even though it is not really necessary. You should better save them on your computer or transfer them to a hard disk.

Don’t spoil water

Don’t leave the tap water running…Close the tap also very carefully. When you see that it keeps leaking, you need to repair it immediately. One drop one drop one drop…equal higher costs!


Adapt the same attitude at work as at home. Imagine once that you should pay the invoice yourself. It is the best way to make you care !