Exatime – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Exatime, which is best known for its organizers, makes part of the Exacompta Group. This means that the products need to fulfill the high quality requirements that are requested by the head office. This makes them very popular in the business world.

A personal organizer will help you to keep up your agenda, contacts and task list. By centralizing this information in one system it will be it easier for you to keep an overview in your busy schedule.

Some tips for using your organizer:

  • Choose a format that fits you. If you have a very mobile profession, you should choose a small model that you can easily take along.
  • Every day, choose a preferably fixed moment to update your organizer.
  • Make a daily to do list and blot out the accomplished tasks
  • Make use of adhesive notes during the day to add remarks to your tasks or to note provisory appointments. You can easily stick those notes in your organizer and you can note them methodically during your daily organizer moment.

JM Bruneau offers Exatime organizers in 4 different formats:

  • The Exatime 14 organizers – the functional and compact model
  • The Exatime 17 organizers – for a complete and detailed overview
  • The Exatime 21 organizers – for a very accurate planning
  • The Exatime 29 organizers – the maximum format, for people who want to schedule their day until the quarter of an hour.

You can contact JM Bruneau for more information on the organizers of Exatime, including the recharges. This brand of high quality has of course also been included in our assortment.