Elba – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Elba is one of the most important manufacturers of office supplies and storage systems in Europe, with a tradition of more than 80 years. The catalogue includes at this moment about 1.000 office supplies. The main focus of the philosophy of Elba is the idea that one can be more efficient at the office by using optimal solutions for storage and research of information.

The history of the company goes back to 1917, when Erich Kraut buys a small shop in writing materials. A short while later he starts to manufacture orders manually. 1933 has been a key year in the company history. It is then that Kraut invented a new archiving system: the shuttle system. In comparison with existing systems it is space saving and it helps you to consult your files very quickly and in an organized way.

In the fifties of last century Erich Kraut also designed the Elba rado principle, which caused a revolution in the sector of the files. Two cannelures and ridges in the file cover enable the fastening of the lever-arch mechanics. In this manner the file keeps standing upright. Almost all files are being produced like this nowadays in the whole world.

Since the beginning of this century Elba has a new proprietor. The French Groupe Hamelin overtook Bantex A/S. Elba Bürosysteme GmbH and Co and Elba Office Products also belong to this group. Under the name of Hamelin the company kept on expanding.

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