Ecover – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Ecover is active in the development and the production of ecological detergents. In this market segment the company has established a strong position in a rather short period and this mainly because of two factors: the efficiency of the assortment – which is of the same quality as the conventional brands – and the consistent ecological approach, with respect for human beings, animals and the environment.

The products of Ecover are made on a basis of renewable vegetal raw materials and minerals. They are produced in an ecological, economical and social responsible manner in an unique ecological factory.

Ecover was founded in 1980 in Belgium. From the onset Ecover has been a pioneer in its sector. The company was the first to introduce the phosphate-free detergent even before phosphates had been recognized as a problem for the environment. Right now Ecover has outgrown into one of the largest manufacturers of ecological detergents. Next to the headquarters in Malle, Antwerp, Belgium, Ecover also has filiations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Switzerland. The products of this brand are being sold in more than 26 countries.

Jm Bruneau offers following products from the Ecover assortment:

  • The Ecover washing powder. This washing powder is completely biologically degradable in a quick manner and the impact on all waterlife is minimal. Moreover the detergent is appropriate for both white and colored laundry.
  • The <lin>Ecover hand soap. A bottle with a dosing pump and 250 ml hand soap. Ecover cleanses the hands in all softness. The soap is very suitable for a sensitive skin and contains a fresh, natural perfume.
  • The Ecover dishwasher tablets will make sure your dishes are cleaned hygienically and thoroughly with a minimum impact on nature.
  • The Ecover toilet cleaner cleanses, decalcifies and refreshes your toilet on a basis of natural components.
  • The Ecover ecological all cleaner disposes of a natural perfume. It is suitable for every cleanable surface and will give an immaculate result. The all cleaner is of course made on basis of natural and mineral components which are quickly and completely biologically degradable. This means there is only a minimum impact on the (water) environment.
  • The Ecover detergent is both friendly for the skin and for the environment. This detergent cleanses deeply and thoroughly and doesn’t leave any chemical rests. Besides, it is completely biologically degradable.
  • The Ecover window cleaner will give you perfect clean windows, mirrors and chrome.

The Ecover-assortment is largely represented in the catalogue of JM Bruneau. Please do not hesitate to take a good look and to contact us for more information.