Ecological thinking at work: you can also contribute!Ecology

Thanks to your prominent position, you can put the focus on corporate environmental responsibility in your company. Therefore, you need to sensibilise your staff or execute actions against waste. Here are some examples.

Encourage responsible purchases :

It is important to choose for the right suppliers. Prefer partners who pay attention to a sustainable development of the following products:

  • Ecologically responsible office equipment: paper, notebooks, notepads, ballpoint pens, cartridges,…both recycled and recycleable,
  • Water fountains with filter, A tip? Advice your staff to use reusable cups.
  • Prepared meals with season products, local food or biological ingredients,…originating from Fairtrade or profit-earning companies. A tip? Balance the quantities in order to avoid excesses.

Waste management : 2 issues

  • 1. Introduce a recycling system for different deparments of your company, linked to a sensibilisation campaign among the co-workers,
  • 2. Close a deal with institutions for waste collection (paper, cartridges, electric and electronical waste, batteries, plastic, glass, cans, light bulbs, ….).

Paper management :

This is also an issue of sensibilisation. Try to draw the attention of your staff on it by hanging posters above printers with the following message:

  • limit needless prints,
  • stimulate recto/verso,
  • print always on both sides of the sheet for personal use,
  • use redundant prints as scrap paper,
  • throw your scrap paper in a paper basket.

A tip ? Invent a challenge between different departments regarding paper management, with a surprise for the winning party!