Ecofont: the font that reduces your ink and toner consumption

You are an environmentally aware and cost conscious entrepreneur. You’re probably interested in making drastic savings on the ink and toner used in your company. Now it’s possible by using Ecofont. A lot of pages get printed each day in companies. Thousands of pages of printed text roll out of countless printers. That means a high consumption of ink and toner, which is hard on your budget as well as the environment. Ecofont has a solution. Ecofont creates tiny white spaces in the letters you have typed. At the same time, the font remains perfectly legible. This technique allows you to save up to 25 % on ink and toner.

How does it work?

You install the Ecofont software on your PC. You simply work with the font you usually use. Thanks to the software, when you print, the ink-saving Eco-version of it will be printed. The software itself is easy to install. After you install it, an Ecofont-printing button will appear on the menu bar of Outlook and MS Word. This allows you to print a document in the ink saving Ecofont-font. You can print in the font of your choice, but it simply has tiny white dots. The legibility and the layout of the document are not affected.

The software comes in three versions:

  • Home Edition for home use
  • The Small Business Edition for organisations with up to 100 workstations.
  • The Enterprise Edition for organisations with up to 100 workstations.

Your advantage

  • You save on printing costs: printer ink and toner powder are expensive products.
  • You are contributing to a better environment: printer ink and toner powder are highly polluting substances.
  • This economical method will encourage environmentally aware and cost-conscious behaviour among your employees.
  • A green policy and sustainable enterprise are musts these days. This perfectly fits with the environmental considerations that are part of socially responsible enterprise or SRE.

Ecofont and socially responsible enterprise (SRE)

SRE is the contribution that companies can make to sustainable development. The aim is to create added value in three dimensions: People, Profit and Planet.

People: having your staff print in Ecofont is also a good way to inspire them to make sustainability a part of their lives.

Planet: ink and toner are among the most polluting substances. By reducing your consumption, you are helping to spare the environment. When you buy Ecofont-licenses, you are also entitled to use the trademarked Ecofont image and logo in your business communication.

Profit: Ecofont lowers your printing costs.