Each his agenda!Tips for purchases

Tell me who you are and I’ll pick out the right agenda for you ! In these glory days of Web 2.0, a lot among us use an electronic version on their smartphone or on professional software, like Outlook. Nevertheless, we can’t neglect the utility of a paper version. This form has still a lot of fans. Do you opt for a small or a large size? Do you prefer a school year or a calendar year ? A weekly, a daily or a monthly agenda ? Some personal characteristics can help you to make the right choice.

Are you rather pragmatic ?

You are a proponent of organization, nothing escapes you ! A surprise meeting takes you off guard and you don’t understand why some people never arrive at time ?

If this is the case, you are a naturally organized person. That’s why you need a tool that responds to your requirements. An agenda with a large size seems us to be perfectly adapted to your personality. You can choose between different variants :

-a daily agenda : there is a full A4 page at your disposal, on which you can note down all the activities of that particular week. For an absolute accuracy !

-a weekly agenda : with this model, you have a complete overview of the week and is it easier to switch appointments.

Do you space out a lot?

« Right, we had an appointment this afternoon, I completely forgot ! » Don’t you always remember your appointments? Do you need visual help in order to record them? This is one of the reasons why agendas have been invented!

You’d better choose for a model with medium size, that is small enough for taking it with you, but big enough to write down all the information.

A useful tip: a lot of small agendas are provided with note blocks or a space for notes on each page. This is extremely useful when you need to note down important information during improvised meetings or calls.

Are you always on the road ?

Mobile..this adjective fits you perfectly ! You know the Belgian and European road network from inside out and your time needs to be arranged strictly.

Besides your electronic agenda, you should also use a small pocket agenda, that can be slid easily in your suitcase or handbag. Whether it is as professional or a private agenda, you will never lose it out of your sight and you can see directly if you have an opening, or not !

A useful tip: try out for once an agenda with a refillable telephone book or a removable directory, so you can switch all your contacts fast and easily from one year to another. It allows you to keep close all the important numbers (professional and private).

Do you like a cheerful accent ?

Clothes, office gadgets, tools, … everything you own must look trendy ! No problem, there exist numerous, original agendas. Let yourself be seduced by an agenda with a cover in coloured leather, in hard glossy plastic, …

Do you swear by digital solutions?

A what ? A paper agenda ? Long live the digital world ! You can also snoop largely between all the electronic agendas, with as favourites the agendas on Android smartphones or on the devices of Apple. Each has its specific characteristics. In short, there are a lot of excellent alternatives for a classic agenda.

Combined with your professional electronic mailbox, these smartphones will without doubt fulfil all your organizational desires, added up with the countless functions that remind you with a single « bip » to go to a meeting or to prepare dinner.

That doesn’t mean you should write off the advantages of a small agenda. It can always serve as an extra reminder when the battery of your phone is running low or when you arrive in a environment that hasn’t been invaded yet by the hi-tech industry.

Some advice: independent from the type of paper agenda, use always erasable pens. This allows you to erase, change or add fast and easily appointments. However, when you already know which events have priority, don’t hesitate to add some colour with markers or to use page markers in order to sort out and identify your appointments : meetings, dinner among friend, birthdays, …