Duracell – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

In our current technology-based society a life without batteries is practically inimaginable. They have also become indispensable instruments in every office. When you say the word“batteries”, you automatically think of “Duracell”. In this sector, the company has built a very solid reputation. The general awareness of this brand is partially due to the famous mascots of the company, the pink rabbits.

Duracell has succeeded in giving a face to its batteries. Everybody knows for sure the world famous pink Duracell rabbits. These little rabbits are the stars of the television commercials, in which they appear in groups of thousands, even millions, to express the dynamic character of the Duracell batteries.

A lot of attention is paid to the durability of the products. The main ingredients of the Duracell batteries are in general classic metals (steel, zinc and manganese). These are all recyclable metals. If your batteries are empty and need to be collected and recycled, Duracell will pay for this, in order to be in line with the EU Directive on Batteries. To reduce the negative impact of disposable batteries on the environment, Duracell recommends the consumers to make use of the collection and recycling system when the batteries are completely empty. Every country offers a similar service. In Belgium, this is arranged by the organization Bebat.

The Duracell Ultra is the most powerful Duracell alcaline battery that has ever been developed for electronic devices. No other Duracell alcaline battery has a longer life-span than the Ultra, according to the common test results for the most frequently used devices.

When your battery works efficiently in one type of device, but doesn’t last a very long time in another device, it’s better to use the Duracell Ultra. This advice comes right from the hand of Duracell itself, and can be checked on the official website. Every Ultra battery is provided with a PowerCheck Tester. This allows you to verify the life expectancy of your battery.

A first type of battery worth mentioning in the class of alcaline batteries is the Duracell LR06. These batteries were especially developed for usage in high-tech devices. They last much longer and are more powerful than their predecessors.

The alcaline battery Duracell Ultra M3-R6 is a new type of battery with a much higher performance and a much longer life-span.

Batteries are essential tools in every type of office. This explains why JM Bruneau has added a wide assortment of Duracell products to its catalogue. For any further questions, please contact us.