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In 1920 Karl Hunke and Wilhelm Jochheim raised Durable, a company that at first produced riders of metal. The location was at that time Iserlohn in the German federal state Nordrhein-Westfalen. The first plastic dividers were introduced in the period right after the Second World War. In 1956 it became necessary to enlarge the settling because of an increase in the assortment and because of the great demands – especially for dividers.

1959 had been a crucial year in the business annals. It is namely in that year that Durable invented the clip folder Duraclip, which was the ideal solution for storing non-perforated documents. In the sixties the company greatly extended, which necessitated a move from Iserlohn to Kamen-Methler. In the seventies there has been a large scale investment in products in order to archive electronic data. The international expansion had started in the eighties.

In 2001 Durable won the ‘Boss Federation Manufacturing Excellence Award 2001’, which is the most important recognition that has been delivered by the British ‘Office Products Industry’. In that period the expansion towards Eastern Europe found place. 2005 has been a year of awards. One of them was the conquest of the award for the ‘Most Innovative Company of the Year’ at the European Office Products Awards. Moreover Duraclip had been elected as ‘Best Product’ on the Benelux Office Products Awards.

In 1997 Durable Belgium had been founded. At first the company had 3 people employed and was located in a small office in Drongen. In the mean time Durable has moved to a larger and more modern office within the same building and it has actually 6 people employed.

JM Bruneau offers following Durable products :

  • The Duraclip folders : ideal for presentations and the storage of documents without perforating. The clip adapts itself perfectly without losing clipping power.
  • The Durable badge holders with nippers, connect pins and clips.
  • The Durable unwinding system for badges and security passports is very practical. The unwinding systems are provided with a push-button and a clip of metal to attach the badge to the belt.
  • The Visifix holder for visit cards is an ideal solution to classify your visit cards in a practical way and in alphabetical order. (up to 200 pieces)
  • The Durable pictograms are made of high quality brushed stainless steel. By means of adhesives the 20 different pictograms can be fixed on the most various surfaces. The print is resistant to scratches and is insensible to the touch.

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