Don’t forget to get some exercise while you work

Do you work in an office and spend most of the day sitting down? Then varying your position is absolutely crucial. This will not only prevent discomfort, you will feel noticeably better as well.

More than sports

Everyone knows that exercise and sports are necessary to stay healthy. But if you have a sedentary profession, you can get more exercise than just playing an hour of sports once a week. You can get more exercise throughout the day than you might think. If you follow our 10 little exercise tips. You may not end up with an Olympic athlete’s condition, but you will stay healthy. And what matters more?

10 exercise tips for at the office

  • A few times an hour, take a microbreak. This doesn’t have to last longer than 20 or 30 seconds. Lean back and look around. Stand up and walk over to the window and back.
  • In the morning and afternoon, take a short break of 10 minutes. Go get a cup of coffee. Stop and talk to a colleague. Do a little tidying up. In other words: do something other than sitting.
  • Are you mailing or calling a coworker who’s a couple offices away? Why not get up and walk over to your coworker.
  • Come to work by bike or on foot. Do you take public transport? Try getting off a stop earlier and walking the last part. You’ll notice that you are starting the day more mentally alert.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. You’ll soon find out how fit you really are.
  • Lunch break is exercise break. Go buy a sandwich on foot. Or walk over to the park with your lunchbag. Even if it’s drizzling, just a walk down the block can clear your head. Enough to start up again refreshed.
  • Find a sports partner who will go to the fitness centre or play squash with you during lunch. You’ll discover that you can keep it up for longer if there are two of you than when you always have to motivate yourself.
  • Massage your neck, shoulders and arms.
  • Buy a powerball, gripmaster or other squeezing device to exercise your hands and forearms. Keep them within reach on your desk. You’ll find yourself picking them up automatically while you’re on the telephone. And why not a little handweight?
  • Don’t forget your mental exercise either. Use your lunch break to go to an exhibit. Listen to your favourite music while you take a walk.

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