Destroy your paper safelyTips for purchases

Confidentiality, frequency of use, noise,… In order to make the right choice, the level of confidentiality of the paper shredder is without doubt the most important factor. However, it is not the only one ! Furthermore, it is crucial to determine in advance up to which level you want to go. In the following paragraphs, you find the necessary information that will help you to find a model that responds to your demands. Follow our advice !

The safety level

As said before, the desired level of safety plays an important role when it comes to making a choice. There are 7 levels of security, in accordance with the international DIN standards, going from the lowest (DIN 1) to the highest (DIN7). First, you need to pay attention to the type, and then to the cut size.

Fibre cut

For destroying standard documents, it is sufficient to opt for a system that cuts in fibres. These paper shredders change your documents into less or more fine strips. Select a model with level 1 for the most common documents. Prefer level 2 when it is your goal to destroy work documents, financial details or bank receipts. Documents with a higher level of confidentiality (e.g. sales figures, HR documents,…) require a model with level 3.


Paper shredders with cross-cut have a higher level of confidentiality than the previous models, as they cut all your documents into confetti. Depending on the safety level, the size of the scraps will be different. The levels 3 and 4 guarantee a high security and are the ideal option for destroying strategic details or HR documents. The levels 5, 6 and 7 are rather popular for devouring documents with the labels “top secret” or “confidential”, since their distribution could harm your company or your administration.

Nature of the documents

The selection of a good paper shredder depends as well largely on the type of documents that need to be destroyed. All the devices in the assortment of Bruneau do not only cut paper, but also paperclips and staples. In this way, you gain a lot of precious time.

Do you still need a more advanced model? Fortunately, there are other devices that can destroy one of the following objects:

  • Credit cards, insurance cards, …
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Hard disks

The frequency of use

The frequency of use is another essential factor for your choice. Try to calculate it correctly in advance. In this way, you can enjoy a longer lifespan and you don’t need to empty the shredder’s tank several times a year.

The higher the number of users and the more the device is used, the greater the significance is of a model with a larger tank. Notice: products from a different brand but with a similar content can vary a lot in the surface they occupy on the ground.

  • For 1 or 2 users and for a low daily volume of shredded paper, we recommend an individual paper shredder for sporadic use with a tank of less than 30 liter.
  • For 1 or 2 users and for a high daily volume of shredded paper, we rather recommend an individual paper shredder for intense use with a tank of 30 to 55 liter.
  • For 5 or 10 users and for a low daily volume of shredded paper, we recommend a collective paper shredder for sporadic use with a tank of 35 to 80 liter.
  • Finally, for 5 to 10 users and for a high daily volume of shredded paper, or for more than 10 users, we recommend a collective paper shredder for intense use with a tank of more than 80 liter.

When you wish to destroy several pages at the same time, you need to pay attention to the feed capacity (check the vocabulary).

The sound level

The cheapest models on the market are mostly very noisy, with a sound level that borders or is higher than 70 dB.

The sound factor is in a lot of cases not very important. This changes when the device is used a lot or when it is installed in a room with an open space organization.

In order to find a proper model, Bruneau has put in every description an indication of the sound level.

An overview of the functions

Previous paragraphs have shown that the safety level and the frequency of use are two primary factors for finding an adequate paper shredder. Nevertheless, nothing forbids you to have even higher expectations. Here, we will give you an overview of other functions that, due to their user-friendliness or their security, can have an impact on your decision.

Protection of user: the paper shredder stops automatically when the sensors capture a source of heat, e.g. a hand that approaches the slot.

Automatic maintenance: the cylinders are lubricated automatically, for a better performance and a longer lifespan.

Rewind: this function allows you to retract more easily documents when they got stuck in the paper shredder.

Automatic stop: the paper shredder stops automatically when you put an extremely large number of sheets in the slot.

Button for faster shredding: you can elevate the cutting speed of the paper shredder.

Automatic start: when a sheet of paper is captured, the paper shredder switches on automatically.

Automatic switch to sleep mode: after a long period of inactivity, the status changes to sleep mode. This allows you to save a lot of energy and to prolong the lifespan of the device without any risk of overheating.


Selection criteria, functions, accessories, … You practically have all the information you need for the right choice. To be sure you don’t overlook anything, you can double check in this supplementary wordlist:

Insertion width: this is the width of the slot in which you insert the paper sheets.

Feed capacity: this is the number of sheets with a standard grammage that can be inserted at the same time in the slot.

Shredding speed: this is the speed level of the paper when it slides through the slot. The speed depends on the number of paper sheets that are pushed simultaneously into the shredder and their grammage.