Desk blotters protect your desk

Desktop blotter serves a number of purposes. Blotters protect the desk surface from scratches and cuts at the same time as repelling dust. The blotter itself is easy to clean with a sponge. A desk blotter not only keeps your desk clean but also provides the user with support and a large, comfortable writing surface. Some models are made out of paper. These blotter pads are handy for jotting down notes.

The ideal desk blotters for your desk:

You are sure to find the perfect blotter at JM Bruneau. There are many different types available, in a range of materials and styles. For example, there are blotters made of paper or PVC material. They come in plain styles or design versions, with colours or simply transparent. With desk blotters made from recyclable polypropylene you can choose an environmentally friendly product.

A sampling of the range of desk blotters:

- Desk blotter Clear: the blotter gives you optimal writing comfort but also acts as a giant mouse pad suitable for an environment with a lot of computer equipment. Advantages of this blotter:

  • this blotter is ultra thin: 700 micron.
  • perfect conductivity thanks to superior quality material.
  • highly user-friendly.
  • antislip thanks to the sticky microdots on the back.

- The Clear transparent is a see-through blotter. Advantages of this blotter:

  • the surface of the desk remains visible but is fully protected by the blotter.
  • two formats available: the Standard (dimensions 62 x 47 cm) and the Conference (dimensions 45 x 30.7 cm).

- Desk blotter Undercover: this blotter has a flap which provides ideal protection for photographs and documents. Advantages of this blotter:

  • the black background ensures perfect contrast.
  • thin blotter: 1,400 micron

- The desk blotter Cep Tonic is blue in colour, with a transparent appearance. The surface is perfectly adapted to using a PC mouse and guarantees maximum protection for any worktable. Advantages of this blotter:

  • the blotter is heat resistant and will not warp.
  • made from PVC, which has an antistatic and anti-glare quality.
  • washable front and back.

- JM Bruneau would especially like to draw attention to the bilingual paper desk blotter with a monthly and weekly calendar for 2010 – 2011. The top advantage for this blotter:

  • there is plenty of room for writing down notes.

- Our simple but highly efficient PVC-blotter. The advantages:

  • Washable writing surface.
  • Non-reflecting writing surface withstands UV-rays.
  • Antislip back
  • Four colours
  • two different formats: 50 x 65 cm and 40 x 55 cm

- When you need to cut a document with a cutter, it's best to use one of our cutting blotters from the brand Maped. These blotters are very strong, are 3 mm thick and protect your worktable from scratches from the cutter.