Co-working: working alone, but together

Is your self-employed activity too big for the spare room and too small for an office of your own? Or are you looking for flexible workspace for a few days a week? Then co-working may be the solution for you.

Flexible working requires flexible workspace

With co-working you rent a workspace in an office together with other self-employed people or the staff of different companies.

Without a lot of red tape or exorbitant costs, you can benefit from the advantages of a large company: a conference room, secretary service, fax and photocopier... what’s more, you can quickly and flexibly adapt your office space to your needs. Do you need room next month for a trainee? Simply rent a second workstation.

Multimedia developer Bart Chanet co-works in Ghent

or a year and a half, Bart Chanet rented an office in a shared office space at the business centre on Ajuinlei in Ghent. This got his self-employed activity as a multimedia developer off to a flying start.

“The co-working space in Ghent is a large loft with 30 workstations. You really have a professional office with a conference room, coffee corner, armchairs for an informal chat, photocopier... and you get all of this without having to worry about the facilities. That means you can focus for 100% on the job.

When you’re starting out, flexibility is also an important advantage. Renting extra offices or downsizing without having to wait for a period of notice, it’s all possible.

The most important advantage has got to be the cooperation that develops between the companies that share the office space. After a while, we were all working for each other. The big advantage is of course that the companies that are all under the same roof are not each other’s competitors. But that’s something we have to keep an eye on with each potential newcomer.’

Co-working across the continents

Working one day a week in Brussels, Amsterdam or Stockholm? Or one day a month in Toronto or Sao Paulo? And all that in inspiring spaces that stimulate creative exchange. It’s possible with The Hub.

Or are you looking for workspace in the Netherlands? Then check out Coworker.nl.

Equipment for the co-worker

Have you thought about an extra keyboard for your co-workplace? Or a laptop support to keep the screen at a comfortable height? With a webcam you can also keep in face-to-face contact with your clients and staff at different locations. At Bruneau you can professionally equip your co-workplace in no time.


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