Clairefontaine special paper : Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Clairefontaine has a long tradition in the paper production. The history of the company goes back until the sixteenth century. The paper production was at that time of course far lesser organized than nowadays. In the field of paper processing the inhabitants of the valley of Meurthe have had lots of opportunities to intensify their experience.

The Paper Mills of Clairefontaine were founded in 1858, at a time when the industrial revolution was still very recent. The paper activities in the east of France rapidly expanded: the paper industry became one of the most important economic industries in that region.

In the midst of the twentieth century Clairefontaine became even more than before synonymous with quality, more specifically under the influence of Charles Nusse. He became responsible for the management of the company. Under his authority the company soon enlarged and the logo Clairefontaine was conceived. Up till today this logo remains a symbol for quality.

The core activities of this company are centralized around everything which has to do with paper, including special paper. Each form of communication requires a different packaging. This is of course also applicable for a traditional form of packaging such as paper. Specialized paper manufacturers such as Clairefontaine have developed separate paper varieties for every form of communication. This is very logical. In today’s society it is very important to communicate in the right manner.

As such, Clairefontaine has paper of different formats in its assortment for different forms of communication. Paper destined for the printer is clearly different from paper designed for envelopes or from paper designed to write letters. Indeed, even in the digital epoch of today letters are still being written. The traditional letter writer won’t find anything valuable in printing paper, and vice versa.

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