Clairefontaine paper and envelopes: Brand in the spotlightBruneau

The paper production has a long tradition in the valley of Meurthe. The first paper mills have been founded in this French region in the sixteenth century. The paper tradition has never been lost in that region, the inhabitants of the region even have systematically expanded their know-how with regard to the paper sector.

The activities of Clairefontaine Paper Mills were set up in 1858 in the region of Meurthe. This happened at a distance of 90 km of Strasbourg at the banks of the picturesque river Meurthe. The paper mills succeeded to become one of the most important regions of industrial activity in the region and this within a period of a few dozens of years.

The Paper Mills of Clairefontaine have started in 1880 with the development of envelopes which means they have a very broad experience in this segment of the paper market. 1950 is an important date for the company. Charles Nuss took command of the company and immediately designed the logo Clairefontaine, which unleashed a revolution in the sector. The name Paper Mills of Clairefontaine instantly received a quality label and they have succeeded to keep this label up till today.

The core activities of the company are in the first place situated in the field of paper, envelopes and write books (the so-called ‘cahiers’ from our childhood). The company has focused itself on those three core activities and has managed to build a very solid reputation in these domains.

What are the most important characteristics of the Clairefontaine brand?

  • Perfect size of the pages
  • An equal and smooth surface
  • A perfect white color
  • Unmatched power and rigidness

JM Bruneau has included following Clairefontaine paper and envelopes in its assortment:

  • Clairefontaine DCP paper that is perfectly appropriate to copy documents on a laser printer.
  • Clairefontaine C paper and envelopes. The C paper is a paper of ancient quality, in the first place destined for a business environment. The quality of the paper goes along with a design of superior quality, which gives the whole an elegant look.
  • Clairefontaine 'Trophée' paper : the norm in print and copy paper in an office environment.
  • Clairefontaine Clairalfa paper: the new paper products of Clairalfa are renowned for their superior quality within the sector. Both the whiteness and the degree of opacity are of advanced quality.
  • Clairefontaine Clairmail. The envelopes of Clairefontaine also distinct themselves because of their superior quality. Thanks to these envelopes, you will impress both your customers and your providers so they will never forget you. Ergonomics is also a familiar concept with this paper quality.
  • Colored printing paper from Clairefontaine, the ideal paper for printing tasks.