Choose the right shelving for your warehouseBruneau

Because space is important

Making the correct choice for warehouse organisation is one thing, but carefully providing the finishing touches of the warehouse is another. This means, among other things, that the necessary attention must be paid to choosing the shelves, a choice which will naturally depend (among other things) on the company’s type of business. An experienced business manager knows that the correct shelving for his warehouse can significantly improve operational efficiency.

There are a number of elements that need attention in any event and that can be of crucial importance in one’s ultimate choice. The following are four important points for attention:

  • racks specially designed to shelve bins can save a considerable amount of space;
  • take the environment into account when choosing your shelving;
  • choose your shelving on the basis of the weight it will have to bear;
  • check the standard depth of your bins beforehand and order the shelving with the correct depth.

JM Bruneau offers an extensive range of shelving for warehouses, where sustainability (environment) is a concept that is always kept in mind. We shall examine a few of the most important models below.

Rack for 45 containers. With its galvanised coating, this rack is suited to all types of environments, even the most aggressive. The following are the most important properties:

  • for approximately 45 4-litre bins;
  • structure: profiled shelves with a square section of 35mm x 35mm, made from 12/10 galvanised plate steel;
  • accessories: 9 90cm x 25 cm shelves, galvanised steel;
  • the racks are fixed with clamps for perfect stability and sturdiness;
  • shelving height adjustable per 2.5cm;
  • useful bearing capacity of 150 kg per shelf;
  • total dimensions: H 200 x W 96cm x D 28cm;
  • delivered with 48 4-litre containers, blue polypropylene, food grade, resistant to fats and temperature differences of -20 up to 80°C;
  • integrated label holders on the front (labels included in the delivery);
  • dimensions: H 12.5cm x W 15cm x D 23cm

Ecologic warehouse shelving. This warehouse shelving is long-lasting and extraordinarily sturdy; it is practical and at the same time environmentally friendly.

  • posts and shelves are made from recycled plastic;
  • every shelf has a load capacity of up to 45 kg without bending;
  • maintenance free;
  • extremely durable and rigid;
  • easy to assemble (or dissemble);
  • dimensions: H 205cm x W 71cm x D 40.5cm. This shelving is available in 4 different heights.

Shelving for 18 archive boxes. This warehouse shelving is particularly practical if you want to consult archived documents regularly.

  • robust, with square-section metal tubular grey-lacquered frame;
  • width: 128cm, depth: 50.5cm, height: 176cm (195cm with archive boxes);
  • shelves adjustable per 6cm, allowing this shelving to be used for other purposes;
  • delivered unassembled, easy to assemble by means of spigot and socket joints.

galvanised shelving with expandable sections. This is highly resistant warehouse shelving; it comes in two depths and is suited to every environment.

  • 12/10 galvanised-steel shelving;
  • useful bearing capacity: up to 220 kg per shelf;
  • accessories: 5 mounted shelves, with an adjustable height per 2.5 cm;
  • cross braces for perfect stability;
  • self-locking assembly system;
  • strong beams for perfect sturdiness;
  • reinforced for the double shelves (4 folds for more stability per level);
  • total dimensions: H 200 cm; W 106 cm (usable 100 cm); D 43 cm (usable 40 cm) or 53 cm (usable 50 cm);
  • parts to be assembled, easy to assemble.

Looking for help in choosing warehouse shelving? JM Bruneau can help you make the right decision.