Choose the most suitable cupboard for your workspaceTips for purchases

Material, size, opening system,…These are just some characteristics among many that have a large influence on the choice of a cupboard. Especially when you are determined to make optimal use of your available space. Information, explanation, technical aspects : this guide offers you everything you need in order to choose wisefully.

In wood or in metal ?

One of the first questions will be: “Which material do you prefer?” Besides the aesthetic aspects, the answer depends on two important conditions.

The workspace

Opt for metallic cupboards when you work in an industrial environment, e.g. a storeroom. These cabinets can be cleaned easily and offer a large resistance against humidity.

When you work in an office, you can choose between wooden and metallic cupboards. Wood is a popular choice, thanks to its warm look. This material matches also better with most other types of furniture. Metal is rather favored because of its high resistance: it’s the perfect solution for heavy charges.

The type of cupboard

A monoblock cupboard is made from metal, from welded sheet steel to be exact. The shelves are also in metal, so they can carry heavier and more voluminous documents, e.g. lever arch files, archive boxes, … These cabinets are assembled in advance and stick out because of to their solidness. Furthermore, they can be moved easily without removing their content, thanks to their rigidity.

The dismantleable cupboards are available in a wooden or metallic finish. They are delivered in a kit, with all the necessary components for assembling, and with assembly instructions. Once everything has been put together, they are perfectly stable and rigid. This type of cupboard is without doubt the ideal alternative for a monoblock, when the room in which it needs to be installed doesn’t offer a proper access.

The opening systems

With swinging doors

When there is a lot of available space, opt for a budget version with swinging doors. This type of cupboard offers always an easy access to the content. One disadvantage: you always need sufficient free space at both sides of the cabinet, in order to avoid problems when you open the doors.

With folding doors

When you wish to save space, choose for a model with folding doors. The storage capacity of these cupboards is similar to the completely interior volume of the cabinet. Few space is wasted, as the doors don’t occupy a lot of extra space in open position.

With sliding doors

In order to save more space, you should opt for cupboards with sliding doors. The storage capacity corresponds completely to the interior volume of the cupboard. Not even a cm² space is wasted when you slide the doors into the open position.

With shutters

Tambour cabinets are extremely suitable for open space organizations: gain of space, silent opening and easy access. Thanks to the extension element, you can enlarge their capacity, without losing any space on the ground. Attention: only metallic cabinets are available with this specific opening system.

Choose between different sizes and colours

Large choice of sizes

The height and the width of a cupboard have a huge impact on the definitive choice, as the goal is to optimize the storage capacity and to save space.

When the free space is limited, opt for high cabinets (H: between 160 and 220 cm). These models have always a large storage capacity, with few waste of space on the ground.

Smaller openings can also be filled up by installing cabinets with a smaller size: a sideboard (H: between 100 and 136 cm), a cabinet for a meeting or waiting room in which you can stow away small office supplies, a low cabinet (H:70 cm), in order to prolong the desktop - with identical height - and to obtain extra storage volume at arm’s length.

Search for a cupboard with the most suitable width, in order to save every possible cm². We offer you a large choice of available widths, going from 60 up to 180 cm. Wooden models already exist with a minimum width of 45 cm.

Large choice of colours

Pay attention to the design of your cupboards. Studies have proven that a pleasant workspace has a positive repercussion on our mutual relationships and on the efficiency of our tasks. This explains why it is important to adapt a modern and dynamic look.

Our wooden cupboards come in different shades: oak, mahogany, wenge, white, black, … The metallic cupboards are sold in more than 50 000 combinations, with different colours for the body, the shutters or the doors, going from grey to orange, passing by kiwi and raspberry. Have fun in finding the perfect combination!

The equipment in your cabinet

We have already mentioned that gain of space is quite important for the outside, but the same rule must be applied to the inside. Next, we will give you some advice for an ideal organization in your cabinet.

Provide sufficient adaptable shelves, in accordance with the height of your files. Try to avoid overburdening at any time ! An example : a cabinet with a width of 80 cm can carry on each shelf up to 60 suspension files (thickness 1,05 cm), or 8 lever arch files (back 7,5 cm), or 8 archive boxes (back 8 cm). You can find this information in the short description of the product.

Did you know that suspension files are very useful tools for a good classifying system ? Some cabinets contain shelves with folded borders, especially for suspension files. In other cases, you can add extra supplementary bars. Or you can pick out a cabinet with a specific system for suspension files on top. Telescopic drawers can be another, innovative solution.

Finally, you can turn to numerous accessories, of which some are especially for suspension files, for a clean organization in your cabinet : mail boxes, dividers, classifying modules,…