Changing room lockersBruneau

Make the correct choice to organise your changing room

There is a large range of changing room lockers for the business world on the market, which does not exactly make it easy to choose. Therefore, here is golden tip: have an expert give you professional advice on the matter.

JM Bruneau has included an extensive range of changing room lockers in its catalogue, which comprises both separate as well as group lockers. Companies have a choice of more than 20 models in different price ranges.

The removable eco clothes lockers are very popular due to their user friendliness. Below is a list of a few typical characteristics: simple and practical, 2, 3, 4 or more compartments can be assembled;

  • plate steel 6/10 structure, grey epoxy lacquer RAL 7035;
  • aeration grids at the top and bottom of the doors;
  • locked by means of a padlock;
  • 2 models, one for the non-polluting industry and one for the polluting industry.

The eco basic clothes locker for the non-polluting industry is also very popular. Bear the same properties in mind as those above for the removable clothes lockers.

Then there are the standard clothes lockers with one compartment and the standard wardrobes for groups. These can be expanded to include 2, 3, 4, 5 or more columns, according to one’s own requirements.


  • comply with standard NFD 65-760;
  • easy to assemble (without screws);
  • robust manufacture, extremely strong plate steel 8/10;
  • epoxy-lacquered coating on phosphate-cleaned steel plate;
  • door provided with label holder and aeration slits.

The individual clothes lockers can be stacked without restriction and may be fitted side by side. They are specially designed to be assembled into whole units according to your requirements.


  • steel plate 7/10;
  • lacquer-paint coating;
  • door with lock, 2 keys and label holder (label not supplied);
  • aeration at the back of the locker;
  • the panels have already been perforated to attach the lockers to one another (screws supplied).

Finally, we would like to mention the column clothes lockers, consisting of columns with different compartments. These are its main characteristics:

  • choice of 3 compartment sizes, adjustable to any type of storage;
  • attractive finish in two-coloured epoxy lacquered metal, lock with 2 keys and ventilation slits;
  • attachable;
  • dimensions: H 80cm x D 50cm;
  • different colour schemes. JM Bruneau is naturally prepared to give you expert advice regarding changing room lockers.