Can you use recycled paper at your office?

A lot of claims are made about recycled paper: poor quality, less white than traditional paper, polluting production process. True or false?

Recycled paper is of poorer quality


Recent studies and practical examples demonstrate that there is no significant loss in quality when using recycled or ecological paper for your copier, laser printer or inkjet printer. But be sure to always use the right type of paper for your machine. Many types of recycled paper can be used on all of these devices.

Recycled paper is less white than traditional paper


The techniques that paper manufacturers use for bleaching rec recycled paper are constantly being refined. Is the whiteness of your paper important to you? Then look carefully at the CIE value when you choose ecological paper. The higher the CIE value, the whiter the paper.

The production process for ecological paper is polluting


The production of recycled paper uses fewer trees and less energy and water than the production of traditional paper. The process itself is also less polluting, because fewer toxic chemicals and bleaching agents are needed than for traditional paper. The production of recycled paper does generate more sludge, but the paper manufacturers are hard at work to find ways to make the recycling of this sludge as environmentally friendly as possible.