BruneauPerso.be : how to personalize your business

Bruneau expands its business

JM Bruneau has launched a new internet company in order to guarantee a continuous innovation and diversification to its customers. BruneauPerso is a young internet company that offers a small number of 3000 relational gifts and promotional products. These articles can be personalized with your own brand’s logo. In short, this is the perfect way to thank your clients, to bind them to your company or to expand your clientele. An adapted gift has a high emotional value and will certainly be appreciated very much by your customers. Take quickly a look on our website and discover the large offer of gifts and promotional articles that can be personalized.

A large assortment of promotional gadgets and gifts for personalization

As we offer you almost 3000 articles that can be consulted in our catalogue or on BruneauPerso.be, you will find in a blink the ideal gift for your present and future customers.

Online personalization

Thanks to the online marking simulation, you will immediately have an idea of what will be the final result of your name or logo on the product of your choice.

The most competitive prices, even for small amounts

We work with very small margins, so we can always guarantee you the best prices, even for small numbers.

The experience of a brand with a very high reputation: Bruneau

Thanks to the experience of the mother company JM Bruneau and the international 3Suisses Group, BruneauPerso is becoming an expert in relational gifts and promotional material. JM Bruneau is a part of the Otto Versand Group, the first post order concern that is exporting world-wide. This gives you a good reason why you should also choose for BruneauPerso.be for all your personalized gifts: you will find here the same professionalism, service, delivery conditions and personal touch.

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it definitely on BruneauPerso.be!

We offer you a complete assortment of promotional articles:

  • Media and technology: LCD-alarm clocks on water energy, digital photo frames, MP4-players, watches, weather stations
  • Writing: paper goods, ballpoint pens, mobile pens, fountain pens
  • Leisure and games: domino, play cards, Sudoku, tennis sets
  • Office: office accessories, USB-sticks, computer mice, IT-packs, calculators
  • Home and living: coffee sets, whine sets, bottle openers, scented candles
  • Travelling and bags: mobile barbecues, rucksacks, toilet bags, shopping bags