Brother – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

The brand name Brother is mostly known due to the popularity of the Brother P-touch Electronic Labeling System, which is often considered as the fastest and the most efficient way to make labels for professional or industrial applications. Still, there are other ver useful products on the market of the same brand, e.g. printers, fax machines, mobile devices, typewriters, etc.

Brother offers a large range of handheld and desktop P-Touch devices for printing labels with your PC or your Mac. The P-touch electronic labeling systems secure durable and colourful labels. Almost all the P-touch ribbons and labels are resistant against water, stains, heath, cold and other aggressive environments.

Another interesting product is the Brother PT1280 DT, a multifunctional low-priced HomeandOffice Labeler. This type of device has a very useful display with 15 different characters and 2 text lines.

The portable Brother PT1010 Labeler with a rubber grip, and available for a small price, is very liable and multifunctional: it allows printing on 2 text lines, has 8 different styles and 3 sizes. The device is provided with a LCD display for 12 characters. Thanks to the compact format of this machine, it can be used everywhere. In this way, it is the perfect solution for labeling at home, in the garden, in the office or in small enterprises.

JM Bruneau not only sells the Brother P-Touch machines, but we offer also the complementary film rolls:

  • The Brother M non-laminating film rolls. These film rolls are non-laminating P-Touch tapes with standard glue. They are particularly recommended for (interior) usage at home and they stick the best to flat and dry surfaces.
  • The Brother TZ and TC laminating film rolls. The laminating film rolls of Brother are easily glued to every kind of surface and are strong enough to resist against scratches. As these film rolls are water resistant, they can also be used outside. They resist furthermore against every kind of stain – from water to oil or chemicals. These films rolls don’t fade under the influence of UV light and they remain sticked to the surface, even at high or low temperatures.

A large number of Brother P-Touch products can be found in the catalogue of JM Bruneau. Click here for a complete overview.