Brighten up your household with all the colours of the rainbow thanks to Posca!Tips for purchases

The water-based paint markers of Posca can be used on a large number of different surfaces. This qualitative assortment with extraordinary characteristics and available in bright colours will soon be your ally for all your creations : technical jobs, artistic tasks, personalized material or creative activities. For both kids and adults, for use at school as well as at the office : cheer up your environment with vibrant colours.

The Posca markers are extremely polyvalent and immediately ready for use. There is a large chromatic spectrum at your disposal for writing, drawing, painting or decorating. The colours, composed of water and pigment ink, can be mixed and applied in layers, in order to add some relief to your presentations, drawings and scale models. Let your fantasies unwind! Even better, the Posca markers can be used on all kind of surfaces: wood, cardboard, plastic, glass or aluminium. This doesn’t stop you any longer to personalize your office supplies and their accessories, in order to create a more sophisticated environment. Going from your computer mouse to your personal cup, passing by desktop drawers and ordners : your creativity has no boundaries !

Posca offers markers with a large resistance against water and light. They are erasable on porous surfaces. You will find them in all possible sizes and finishes: with an extra fine, fine, or medium cone point, with a large slanted point or even with a paint-brush point. This innovative brand offers you so many possibilities that it is difficult to make a choice !

It is almost impossible to resist the temptation to use the multifunctional Posca paint markers ! They can be applied easily, come in different colours and are very practical. They come in handy for the decoration or even the personalization of all your objects. Enjoy the freedom of creating a personal and original atmosphere, without having a negative impact on your concentration and welfare.

Surprise your colleagues, let your imagination speak and overwhelm everbody with your talent! Thanks to this unique and new assortment, you can add lots of energy to a fantastic landscape !