Brand in the spotlight: Clairefontaine notebooks and foldersBruneau

Clairefontaine has built an enviable reputation in the office paper sector. The paper products of those companies are known as the absolute top in their market segment. The French company has played a pioneer role in the development of new products and is still notorious as one of the guiding companies within the sector.

It is not easy to acquire a good reputation. In a competitive sector, Clairefontaine had to acquire its reputation step by step and succeeded in doing so thanks to three important factors: innovation, quality and an attractive design. Since its early beginnings the company has striven to innovate and to regularly launch newer (and better) products on the market. This striving for innovation has always been coupled with an irresistible effort to supply qualitative products. Clairefontaine has been a synonym for quality during all those years. But innovation and quality alone do not always suffice to keep one’s head above the water.

An attractive design is necessary not only to reach the top, but above all to remain at the top. In other words: this is the only way the competition can be beaten. In the business world the brand ‘Clairefontaine’ is still renowned for being a combination of innovation, quality and design. Companies always opt for quality, also in their choice of paper, which makes them automatically choose for Clairefontaine, both for their notebooks and folders.

JM Bruneau is a quality conscious office supplier. This means we simply have to include the products of Clairefontaine in our assortment. Until today, the customers are very satisfied with the paper products of Clairefontaine.

The assortment of Clairefontaine is very large: Clairefontaine always chooses for quality as the direction to choose. The notebooks of this company belong to the best in its brand and they are highly valued in the business world because of the quality they stand for. The same applies for the file folders of Clairefontaine, which are available in the most wonderful colors. It is a pleasure to work with those file folders. A range of 10 colors is available: more specifically salmon, pink, red, orange, beige, dark green, yellow, light blue, lilac, grey. Besides this a distinction can be made between 2 variants, namely filing folders and estimate folders. If you want more information about these products, you can contact the experts of JM Bruneau. We built up a very extensive know-how about the products of Clairefontaine and we would be very pleased to share our knowledge with our customers.