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Bespoke waste processing for your company

In the business world, Brabantia bins have a solid reputation, thanks to the many solutions that the company has to offer. The Brabantia range spans the entire market segment, ranging from ordinary waste-papers bin to luxury bins. Brabantia can therefore offer every office a suitable solution.

An office without a bin is, of course, unthinkable. There is a vast range of bins available, but not every bin is appropriate for every office. Very much depends on the amount and format of the waste to be removed. A bin looks like an uninteresting and clumsy object, but that does not always have to be the case. Brabantia has a wide range of different content sizes available, a choice where every company will find something to suit its taste. Is there a preference for an open bin or one with a hinged lid? Brabantia has plenty of models of both types in stock. With Brabantia bins, you can have waste, both large and small, removed in a jiffy.

JM Bruneau had chosen Brabantia bins with good reason. Let us first take a look at the Brabantia Sensor BinDeluxe 45L. This Brabantia bin opens and closes automatically. You merely have to hold your hand above the Brabantia Sensor Bin lid and the rest happens automatically. The lid closes automatically as soon as the waste has disappeared into the bucket. Its characteristics are the following:

  • contents: 45 litres;
  • dimensions: H 75.5cm x Ø 36.5cm;
  • material: Fingerprint Proof;
  • colour: matte steel.

The Brabantia Wall Mounted Slide Bin is also a must in its own right. The content capacity of this bin is 5 litres. The bin is made of metal and has a plastic inner bucket. The bin is available in one colour. The characteristics of the Brabantia Slide Bin are the following:

  • stainless-steel mounting structure;
  • removable inner bucket;
  • protective edge around the bottom;
  • shiny steel body, plastic top;
  • accompanying bin liners with drawstring;

The Brabantia Conical Waste Paper Bin 11 litres brilliant is one of the many Brabantia bins available at JM Bruneau. This has a removable ring which keeps the liners neatly in place in the bucket. The plastic edge at the bottom ensures that the floor is not damaged. The Conical Waste Paper Bin’s characteristics are the following:

  • contents: 11 litres;
  • dimensions: H 30.9 cm, Ø of 26.2cm;
  • removable elegant top ring
  • plastic bottom edge
  • colour: brilliant steel.

The Brabantia 50-litre Push Bin litres is a large-capacity waste collector. Its lid unit with an extra large opening to avoid spills and a softly-sprung access door to help keep the sight and smell of waste safely contained. Below is a list of this bin’s main characteristics:

  • contents: 50 litres;
  • dimensions: H 83.2 cm, Ø 40.5 cm;
  • material: stainless steel
  • colour: matte steel.

The Brabantia Sensor Bin opens and closes automatically. You simply hold your hand above the lid of the Brabantia Sensor Bin for a moment and it opens automatically. The lid closes automatically as soon as the waste has disappeared in the bucket.

  • contents: 50 litres
  • dimensions: H 70cm, Ø 40 cm;
  • material: stainless steel, plastic;
  • colour: brilliant steel;

JM Bruneau can help you with the entire Brabantia range. You can naturally turn to us for expert advice on Brabantia bins.