Bic pencils and fountain pens – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

Bic has become a real concept in the office world. The great breakthrough of ‘the Bic’ occurred in the sixties, but the launch of this successful ballpoint actually goes back to the period just after the Second World War. The person who lent his name to the company is a person called Marcel Bich, who had already proven his value by selling ink for fountain pens.

Bich joined all his forces with someone called Edouard Buff. The couple set up a factory for pens and pencils nearby Paris. That assortment has been completed with ballpoints, but fountain pens and pencils always remained a part of the gamma. Up till today Bic still sells fountain pens, both for students as for business people who enjoy writing with a fountain pen. Those fountain pens have been commercialized under the brand names of Bic®, Stypen® en Sheaffer®.

Bic has started as a small company, but it expanded to the size of a multinational. In 2005 the company had sold as many as 100 milliard ballpoints, a number that still increases. The number of fountain pens and pencils that have been sold in total, is not known yet. In 2002 the Bic Cristal ballpoint has been included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art of New York (MOMA), more specifically in the Department of Architecture and Design. Thus the products of Bic have been raised to the status of art objects.

JM Bruneau has of course included both fountain pens and pencils in its assortment:

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