Bic markers – Brand in the spotlightBruneau

The history of Bic is a success story in the sector of writing materials. The roots of this company, which has been listed since years, go back to the end of World War II. Bic is the brainchild of Marcel Bich, a man who had made himself meritable at another company that was specialized in office supplies.

Bich had a good eye for innovation in his market segment. This made him react very quickly on the arrival of the new ballpoint that had been designed by the Hungarian Ladislav Biro. Bich bought the rights of this ballpoint, which conquered the whole world under the brand name Bic. He changed the whole concept a bit though as to be able to sell it under his name (minus the –h).

In the course of the years the company Bic has known a spectacular growth, which has cleared the way to the commercialization of other products. Those products have become successful thanks to an elaborate marketing campaign. This is also valid for the markers which Bic sells under the brand name CONTE® and BIC® KIDS. On the stock market of Paris the share of Bic could profit largely of the success of the products the company had commercialized.

For information about the products of Bic you can of course contact our office expert JM Bruneau. You can purchase following Bic markers from our company:

  • Bic Velleda Grip erasable markers for white boards
  • Bic 2000 permanent marker- suitable for both inside and outside. It doesn’t dry, not even when it remains without capsule during three weeks. The marker works with ineffaceable ink on a basis of alcohol. It is perfectly resistant to light, heat and other different weather circumstances.
  • Bic 1445 permanent marker small model
  • Bic Technolight Fluo markers
  • Bic Bright Liner Grip
  • Bic Onyx marker with an oblique point is ideal for any surface (metal, plastic, wood etc.) That surface can even be dirty or greasy. It functions with permanent ink on a basis of solvents.

JM Bruneau is well-known for its extended assortment of Bic products. We are in a perfect position to give a good advice to our customers regarding markers and related products. You will be surprised to see all the products available in this market.