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There are only a few brand names which have become a noun in the common language. Bic is definitely one of those. Lots of people don’t go out to buy a ballpoint, they go out to buy a Bic. The story of this French brand is a complete success story which has hardly known its equal in the business history. Up till today Bic produces and sells worldwide about 24 million of products. This listed company is the number one in the sector of ballpoints.

In France as the situation was right after World War II a man called Marcel Bich – who had previously been a production manager for an ink company – bought a company outside of Paris together with his partner Edouard Buffard. Both partners had started the commercializing of ballpoints, in the first place of fountain pens.

At that time the ballpoint was still in the development phase, but everything pointed out that this product had a great future in store. Bic realized this was an unique opportunity for the company and rushed on the production of ballpoints. The first ballpoints had been launched in December 1950. Very soon the concept Bic was set up. Of course Marcel Bich was being pardoned for having linked his own name to the ballpoint.

The company Bic expanded rapidly and in the first years the assortment of products got bigger. Since 1950 ‘Bic’ has changed the writing habits of millions of people in a substantial way. In the mean time Bic has become a real concept in the office world.

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