Better teamwork through meaningful teambuilding

Teamwork has become essential for continuing to generate creative, high-quality results. But how do you create a team you can build on? Through a teambuilding activity, for example. Together with you, we’ll take a look at the what, how and why of meaningful teambuilding.

Fun but also meaningful

Going on a survival trek with your coworkers, cooking together, salsa dancing... Some people can’t wait for the fun to begin. Others may be less enthusiastic. Remember that a teambuilding activity does not necessarily have to be more fun than the last one. Of course it’s great if that’s the case, but above all, teambuilding events have to be meaningful. That is when the team and the team members get something out of it. Teambuilding activities are generally used in order to stimulate what are known as soft skills, such as respect for each other’s capacities and shortcomings, cooperation, etc. After all, these skills are difficult to learn through traditional forms of training.

Examples of successful teambuilding activities

Coming up with a successful teambuilding activity starts with the skills you want to stimulate. Once you know that, you can find a fun activity that requires the skills. Here are some successful examples:

  • achieving a goal together: scavenger hunt
  • collaboration: citygame
  • trusting each other: climbing
  • effort and enthusiasm: team game
  • giving and receiving direction: sailing
  • mutual respect and communication: survival
  • creativity: making art together
  • unity: cooking and eating together

Partners who make the difference

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