Avery launches Label pads and Note tabsBruneau

Avery, which is one of the most renowned manufacturers concerning labels, launches a new product range within its extensive assortment. The innovative Label pads and Note tabs will make your work at home and at the office even more simple and clear. In this manner, Avery tries to respond to the question for more flexibility and userfriendliness. Within this range we have 24 references which can be divided into 2 Types: Label pads and Note tabs.

Label pads

Label pads exist in 10 varieties. The unique thing about the Label pads is that they, besides the fact that they are available in different sizes and colours, are also provided with a non-glueing tab which can easily be ripped off. Since those Label pads are also writeable, they can be used as a label or indexing tool. The pad can easily be taken off or resticked if necessary. Moreover, this series of pads has a compact size which make them easy to take along.

Note tabs

The Note tabs, which exist in 14 varieties, also offer an useful two-in-one solution: marking and indexing. The difference with the Label pads is that the pad itself, which is also provided with a non-glueing tab, is transparant and writeable.This makes them easy to use for marking in specialized literature, courses, books and catalogues. The Note Tabs are also writeable with a ballpoint and marker. The Note tab is as well as the Label Pad, transparant and easy to reposition without the underlying ink being affected.