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Atoma is in the world of paper a name we can hardly ignore. The original binding system with the typical rings of this company is familiar to almost everyone, both young and old. This product has very often been copied, but it never got equaled. It is important to mention that Atoma can be considered as a typical Belgian product, with a timeless design as its basis.

The history of Atoma goes back to 1923, more specifically to the modest family business Papeteries G. Mottart. The original Atoma notebook first appears in 1948. A few decades later the products of Atoma have become a real concept in the sector of practical design.

The Atoma Binding System guarantees paper supplies with an sophisticated and timeless design. You will find lots of advantages and thanks to the ingenious binding system of the notebooks you will work very comfortably. These are some of the possibilities:

  • Removing sheets, putting them back or changing the sequence
  • Changing sheets between different notebooks
  • Printing sheets, copy them and putting them back afterwards
  • Purchase loose fillings and adding them to existing notebooks

Environmental friendliness is also highly valued by Atoma. The Bio-Atoma collection has been made with recycled covers and wood or biodegradable rings. All the paper that is being used has been bleached 100% chlorine-free, which is less harmful for the environment.

> The classic Atoma notebook has of course been included in the assortment of JM Bruneau. We would like to enumerate the most important characteristics of this notebook:

  • Different formats with the choice between lined or checked pages
  • Eye for tradition
  • The typical design of this gamma is recognizable from thousands
  • Assortment of 5 colors

In the business world the Atoma A4 notebooks in non-transparent polypropylene are very popular. This version also has a very distinct modern look.

The assortment also includes the Atoma notebooks with transparent polypropylene cover.

Office supplier JM Bruneau has also included the well-known notebooks of Atoma in the catalogue. Click here to take a more detailed look at our assortment of Atoma.