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Battle against stress !

Have you ever had a stressful day on which it sounded like a good idea to beat your head against a wall? The answer is without doubt positive. Don’t let this make your heart sink to the bottom. First, you need to accept that you are suffering from stress. There is no use in denying or fleeding from it. Even better, in this way you avoid yourself from falling into a negative spiral. You will find here some good tricks and tips.

Slow down your rhythm

Nowadays, most women are tempted to bury themselves in work or they set the bar too high: child care, an own job, the household, … As a result, they experience a lot of stress and exhaustion ! Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a full day ! That is why you should better slow down your rhythm and eliminate superfluous tasks: 20% of your activities have a success rate of 80%. It is sometimes already sufficient to accept a compliment and to recognize your own talents, in stead of longing for more and more.

Take more time for yourself

Take a bath, read a magazine or do some yoga, … A couple of minutes will already help you to renew your energy and to relax. Keep just one thing in mind: don’t blame yourself. Your children will still love you, even when you take 10 minutes of time for yourself. Try to find those things that please you. It is essential for a good balance.

Don’t bring work issues home with you

In order to say goodbye to work problems at the end of the day, we advice you to execute a particular ritual every night before leaving. Some examples:

  • Set up a to-do list for tomorrow before you leave your office ;
  • Join a friend or a colleage for drinks after work ;
  • Walk to home in stead of taking the public transport ;
  • Go shopping (but don’t exceed your credit card limit !) ;

Make a schedule

Make and respect a schedule for professional, and also for personal tasks. This allows you to balance your workload. Try to determine every task that needs to be done and give them a level of importance. Don’t forget to leave some spare time for surprise tasks, so you have some freedom for changes. It is better to prevent than to cure.

Some anti-stress exercises

Spend at least 20 minutes a day outside in the daylight. Take a walk and breath deeply!

Tear a sheet of paper into a thousand pieces when you are extremely annoyed with something;

Let off some steam: imagine you have some darts and you need to throw them at someone with all your strength (preferably in an isolated room, so you don’t scare your colleagues,…);

Do some visual excercises: massage one by one your eye contours, in order to take away the tension!