An environmentally friendly cleaning service for your company

Your company is probably cleaned every day by a cleaning service. It is important for your office to give a clean impression, for the employees and clients as well as visitors. But do you have any idea how this cleaning service works? Do they use environmentally friendly cleaning products? Do they take into account the correct dosage of these cleaning products?

Avoid hazardous cleaning products

Each year, vast amounts of cleaning products are used. Often these contain a lot of chemical elements such as strong acids, disinfectants, fragrances, preservatives, etc.... they are materials that can dissolve stubborn stains, remove scaling or dissolve grease. All of them take a heavy toll in the apartment.

Your offices are cleaned daily, but you can just as well have this done by an environmentally friendly cleaning service. They use ecological cleaning products. These cleaning products are biodegradable. And that’s good for the environment.

By using sustainable cleaning products, the environment is spared as much as possible. Nevertheless, companies and their staff still tend to have quite a lot of resistance to ‘green’ cleaning products. They may be unsure if these products clean effectively enough. Using environmentally friendly products don’t clean thoroughly... nothing could be further from the truth.

Moreover, people often think that biodegradable products are more expensive. This is also untrue.

Tips for green cleaning:

- Ask the following questions when you are screening your cleaning service:

  • Does the company use harmful substances?
  • Is the manager sufficiently aware of the composition of the cleaning products that the cleaning service uses?
  • How ecologically friendly are the products?
  • Is the staff also sufficiently informed of the ecological impact of their way of working? For example, are they using the right dosage?
  • Can the cleaning staff also look out for lights and devices that have been left on? By simply making a note of this, as manager you can also ensure that your employees take a more environmentally aware approach.

- Sometimes water alone is sufficient for cleaning. A cleaning product is not always necessary.

- Using products sparingly not only saves costs, but is also better for the environment.

- Choose refill packaging. That avoids extra waste.

- Avoid using natural sponges. They are taken straight from the beautiful natural environment of the sea.

- If you clean with microfiber cloths, you need to use less of the cleaning product.

- Vinegar can be used to remove scaling in toilets.

- Avoid chlorine bleach.

- Use as little glass cleaner as possible on windows. Use dish soap and then rinse with vinegar and water and dry with a chamois cloth.

- Avoid chemical cleaners in order to protect the environment as well as your employees’ health. Avoid: toxic preservatives, dyes, phosphates, chemical fragrance additives, diluents,…