Agipa – Brand in the spotlight: AgipaBruneau

The company APLI-Agipa SAS is best known for its glue products. In this segment the company belongs to one of the most important players on the French market. The products of this company are also outside of France in high demand. During the last decades - APLI-Agipa SAS exists already more than 60 years – the assortment of products has been gradually broadened. The branch of APLI Paper exports its products to more than 60 countries.

The assortment of Agipa is very extensive, which means we can limit ourselves to study some of the most remarkable products. For instance, there are the Agipa address labels. Those multifunctional white labels without mark can be used for pricing, to mention an address, to label, to make indexes, etc…Moreover they are universal and compatible with all default software (Word, Works, Access, Amipro, Wordperfect, Clarisworks, etc...).

It is interesting to mention the round stickers of Agipa. Those colored rounded pastilles are available in different formats and colors. They are ideal for the marking of documents.

The adhesive film is ideal to plastify documents manually. It concerns a film with a transparent glossy surface which is very solid. The film glues perfectly and doesn’t split while folding. It can be reglued during the application.

The Agipa reinforcement rings to fortify perforated documents are probably the best known products.

Agipa is amply represented in the assortment of JM Bruneau. You can always contact us for more information about those products.