A pleasant workplace motivates your staff

A good atmosphere in the workplace is important for keeping your employees motivated. Good companies are made up of good and motivated staff. Most employees spend a great deal of time at work. As an entrepreneur, you look for productivity and efficiency in your staff. Offices that are designed to be functional and comfortable will certainly encourage this productivity.

Tips for a pleasant workplace

  • Before you start with the (re)design of your office, it’s best to get advice from a specialist. An interior designer specialised in furnishings can help.
  • You can also turn to the office furniture supplier for professional advice on the wide range of office furniture available. JM Bruneau can certainly help you here.
  • First of all, choose a style for your office. Do you prefer a classic style or contemporary design furniture?
  • Practical and functional office furniture that also looks good and is perfectly coordinated in terms of style will motivate your staff to take pleasure in doing their jobs well.
  • Take the ergonomics of the office furniture into account. Provide your staff with office furniture built according to the ergonomic standards. This will prevent RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), which is pain in the back, neck, shoulders and wrists caused by strain due to repeated movements or static positions. Working with a computer at a poorly installed desk can cause this. Read here how you can prevent mouse arm, RSI and CTS.
  • Choose large enough desks. There needs to be enough room for desktop computers, a telephone, office equipment and potentially also a laptop.
  • Be sure to equip the desks with a way to conceal the cables for all types of equipment so that they are barely visible and certainly cannot be tripped over.
  • The office furniture should not be placed too close together so that the employees have enough space. In the article ‘How much space should you provide’, you can read that you need to give each employee a minimum of 8m2.
  • When you design your office, you should also take into account the new trend towards flexible working. Flexible working means that not all employees have their own permanent workstation. That has a major impact on your personnel. Be sure to inform them thoroughly about the plan so that they will be receptive to the advantages of this new trend.