A hot drink dispenser machine at the officeBruneau

Also give the environment a thought when purchasing your hot drink dispenser

The employees very much appreciate a hot drink dispenser at the office. What could be more enjoyable than a cup of hot coffee when it is cold outside? But even in summer, a cup of coffee is a source of energy. Just strolling to the drink dispenser for a drink can also provide a welcome break from the daily working routine. Without wanting to exaggerate: it can even cause employees’ performance to improve.

However, a hot drink dispenser at the office has other functions too: the machine can be a regular meeting place for the staff, which will strengthen team spirit. Newcomers can get acquainted with new colleagues with every visit to the drink dispenser. This causes quicker integration in the company. Various options re available for distributing hot beverages at the office.

JM Bruneau has the 4 Jede beverage dispensers on offer. This guarantees a drink of your choice within a few seconds.


  • it is ready for use as soon as it is plugged in;
  • easy to maintain and de-scale. Stainless steel 6-litre reservoir with a visible level;
  • removable drip tray with anti-slip surface to keep cups in place. Integrated cup and cup holder dispensers.
  • the built-in thermostat keeps water at the perfect temperature;
  • black ABS casing;
  • compact dimensions: H 48 x W 40.5cm x D 25.9 cm.

There is also an environmental aspect to hot beverage dispensers. Limited energy consumption must be a crucial factor when purchasing the machine. Always choose a dispenser that is economical in both water and energy consumption. In addition, if the company opts for recyclable or reusable cups or mugs, you will also be taking that extra step for the sake of the environment.

The sustainable nature of a hot beverage dispenser can have even more far-reaching effects. As an alternative option, the employees can, of course, also choose to bring their own drink cans, plastic bottles, glass, etc., but all this disposable packaging puts an extra burden on the environment. Therefore, help the employees think of the environment!

The energy consumption of hot beverage dispensers is a different story. The current appliances on the market use much less energy than in the past. A machine that automatically switches to standby will use less electricity, for example. Obviously, we must also not forget to switch off the appliances when there are no colleagues at the office at night or at the weekend.

It is also possible to save considerably on energy consumption via the temperature adjuster. The temperature adjuster should definitely not always be on the maximum setting. Coffee, tea or soup may, naturally, not be served lukewarm, but it is definitely possible to find sustainable interim solutions. It is important that hot beverage dispensers be well insulated. In this way energy loss will be limited to a strict minimum.

Would you like advice before purchasing a hot beverage dispenser? That is possible: at JM Bruneau we are always ready to give advice.