A First-Aid cupboard at the officeBruneau

Accidents happen very quickly

In accordance with the legal obligation stipulated in the General Regulations for the Protection of Employees in Belgium, it is mandatory for every company to have a First-Aid cupboard. The minimum contents of the First-Aid cupboard have also been laid down. Such a cupboard must contain at least the following:

fixed items:

  • elastic tourniquet of 5cm (x1);
  • resuscitation cannula (x1);
  • pair of 14-cm stainless-steel scissors (x1);
  • explanatory note: “emergency care pending the doctor’s arrival”;

assorted items: the First-Aid cupboard must contain the following items per 10 industrial employees, with a maximum of three multiples, or per 50 non-industrial employees, with a maximum of two multiples:

  • emergency dressing – dressing 10cm x 7cm, gauze bandage 2m x 5cm (x2);
  • emergency dressing – dressing 14cm x 12cm, gauze bandage 2m x 7 cm (x1);
  • triangular bandage (sterile) 90cm x 90cm x 127cm (x1);
  • non-elasticated bandages 5cm x 5cm (x2) (e.g. Cambric bandage 7cm x 5m (x2);
  • compressed hydrophilic cotton wool (2 x 20gr);
  • surgical tape (silk) 2.5cm x 5m (1 roll);
  • surgical tape (silk) 1.25cm x 5m (1 roll);
  • adhesive bandage 6cm x 1m (1 roll) or assortment of various widths, of which the total length is 1m;
  • antiseptic solution: iodine and of 1% alcohol(30ml) or chlorohexidine gluconate in alcohol solution of at least 50 vol.% or equivalent product;
  • stainless-steel safety pins in a box or on a piece of cardboard (10 pieces)

A number of additional items are also available. For more information, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_aid_kit. JM Bruneau has included in its range, among others, a First-Aid cupboard with 2 doors for the office. This is a new design with a large storage capacity but which takes up little space. Here are some of its characteristics:

  • white epoxy-lacquered steel casing, with 2 steel doors with epoxy powder coating;
  • 5 adjustable shelves;
  • doors with compartments: in each door, 3 racks and a foldable shelf that can be used as a makeshift table;
  • shelves and racks in transparent green plastic;
  • magnetic seal;
  • safety lock with key;
  • these First-Aid cupboards are delivered empty.

In addition, we would also like to mention another medicine cupboard with one transparent door. Two economic compact models of this First-Aid cupboard are available, which you can install anywhere. Furthermore, there is also the Rossignol medicine cupboard with one full door, but apart from that it has the same properties as the cupboard with one transparent door. Characteristics:

  • fully in lacquered metal;
  • equipped with a swing door with lock;
  • 2 fixed transparent blue plastic shelves;
  • this First-Aid cupboard is also delivered empty.

The box with 30 styptic plasters also deserves a place in any First-Aid cupboard. The 3M plasters have the following properties:

  • textile plaster: strong, elastic, strongly adhesive and flexible;
  • comfort: extra soft plasters with micro air flow, stretchable;
  • the 3M Nexcare Comfort plasters adapt to the body’s movements but offer resistance to strain;
  • thanks to the fine and soft structure, these plasters are discreet and pleasant to wear;
  • also suited for a sensitive skin;
  • can be removed without leaving any traces.

Naturally, JM Bruneau can provide your company with First Aid cupboards tailored to suit your needs. All that you need do is click to find out more.