4 tips to set up changing roomsBruneau

The following four tips to set up changing rooms in the workshop can already be of considerable assistance:

  • ensure that there is enough space between the lockers;
  • ensure that it is sufficiently ventilated and lit;
  • ensure that it is easy to put name plates on the lockers;
  • choose lockers that are large enough and adjusted to the type of work.

JM Bruneau offers an extensive range of changing rooms for the workshop, where much attention is paid to the lockers. There is, for example, the standard wardrobe, specially targeting groups of workers in polluting industry. The same standard wardrobes for groups are also available for non-polluting industry. The following are the most important characteristics of these wardrobes:

  • can be expanded to units of 2, 3, 4, 5 or more columns according to requirements;
  • comply with the NFD 65-760 standard;
  • easy to assemble (without screws);
  • strongly manufactured, extremely strong steel plate 8/10;
  • epoxy-lacquered coating on phosphate-cleaned steel plate;
  • door is equipped with label holder and aeration slits.

JM Bruneau’s range also contains columns with different compartments, each provided with lockers. Here are their main characteristics:

  • choice of 3 compartment sizes, adjustable to each type of storage;
  • attractive finish in two-coloured epoxy-lacquered metal, lock with 2 keys and aeration slits;
  • different lockers can be attached to one another;
  • 80cm high and 50cm deep.

Columns are also available with different compartments (with basic or expandable section), of which the most important characteristics are the same as the model explained above.

JM Bruneau has included in its catalogue an extensive range of furniture for setting up changing rooms so feel free to contact us if you need any advice on setting up changing rooms.